Hungry Hawks Hut Canteen 2021

event Published 2021-10-05T20:24:42.554Z

Hungry Hawks Hut Canteen 

Hawks Hungry Hut is  open, selling snacks daily and pre-ordering main lunch items.

Pre - paid Hungry Hawks Hut main course cards are available at the main office for $42  for 6 meal choices ($7 per meal).

Monday - Pizza Hut - Pasta and a SNACK or JUICE item

Tuesday -  Sal's 2 piece Chicken and Fries

Wednesday -  6" Subway Sandwich with SNACK or JUICE item

Thursday -  $2 Hamburgers and $3 Cheeseburgers sold by St. Helena

Friday - Sal's Pizza

Click the link to pre-order your main course - November 22nd to 26th Order form: